The commercial range of Brilliant Power is mainly focu on office building, hospital,hotel, data center,restaurant,airports, shopping areas, leisure centres, halls for concerts and celebrations, sports stadiums, military applications, telecommunications, which are designed to optimise the electrical load and ensure power supply constantly.

In consideration of commercial purpose and economic efficiency ,we adopt Cummins ,Miusubishi engine as option,both of them have join venture factory in China,it is very popular in the market because of its competitive price .


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Standard Specifications:

※ Water cooled,gas engine 
※ Brushless, Self-excited, IP23 alternator 
※ Emergency stop button, Low oil pressure shutdown
※ Cooling radiator with blowing fan
※ Manual/Automatic Control panel system 
※ 8-hour operation base fuel tank
※ MCB/MCCB/ACB Safety protection function
※ 12/24V D.C.starter, battery charging alternator
※ Replaceable fuel/oil filter, dry element air filter
※ Industrial exhaust silencer and bellows
※ Gas Train: ball valve, gas filter, gas pressure gauge,Ignition system
※ gas pressure regulator, electromagnetic valve, fire arrestor.
※ Generators Sets’ voltage and frequency regulation comply with ISO 8528-5 
※ Automatic fuel refilling system with oil water separator is optional






























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