Based on rich experience in design and maintenance,Brilliant power launchs two models of lighting tower , manual and hydraulic type.It comes with excellent performance in civil engineering projects, construction or emergency response ,in a word,you can expect more from it.To be more flexible,we are able to offer customized services to meet different standards,such as ACD standards in Australia ,ECE,ISO standards in worldwide regions.

The light tower is designed to the requirement for outdoor lighting source,such as mining,road maintenance,traffic guildance,event etc,there are diesel and solar fuel for your reference,both of them are designed with mobile trailer.


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Standard Specifications:

※ Water cooled, Diesel engine 
※ Brushless, Self-excited, IP23 alternator 
※ Engine safety shutdown protection
※ 4*1000/1500W metal halide lamp
※ Manual/Automatic Control panel system 
※ 50 hours operation base fuel tank
※ 9m zinc plated telescopic mast
※ 12/24V D.C.starter, battery charging alternator
※ 4,200m2 approx. illuminated
※ 359 degrees mast rotation
※ Weatherproof and lockable enclosure
※ Auxiliary output souckets(16A/1P,32A/3P) 
※ Trailer chassis with four support legs
※ Generators Sets’ voltage and frequency regulation comply with ISO 8528-5 






























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