The rental range of Brilliant Power is designed to meet the requirement for rental purpose,it is mobilable and convenient to obtain power supply anywhere,such as outdoor event,sport game,party,emergency civil engineering,road maintenance requires power supply at site or emergency power supply.Sometimes the genset meets emission level requirements,such as EPA TIRE 2 or US STAGE 2.

In consideration of fule refilling limitation at ourdoor operation,the genset is equipped with 12 or 24 hours skid base fuel tank as well as miantenance-free battery and auto oil refilling system.


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Standard Specifications:

※ Water cooled, Diesel engine with emission requirements
※ Single bearing, class H alternator
※ Protective grille for rotating and hot parts 
※ Electric starter and charge alternator 
※ Starting battery (with lead acid) including rack and cables 
※ Oil water separator
※ Multiple voltages,50Hz and 60Hz are changeable 
※ 16A/1P,32/3P Auxiliary output sockets
※ 3P/4P Circuit breaker with shunt trip
※ Industrial exhaust silencer and steel bellows 
※ 12-24 hours skid base fuel tank with flexible fuel connection hoses 
※  Battery isolator
※ Generators Sets’ voltage and frequency regulation comply with ISO 8528-5 
※ Generators Sets’ can take 100% load at one step according to NFPA110






























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