The residential range of Brilliant Power is designed to protect your home and keep your power on during an outage.It comes into operation automatically when there is a power failure, guaranteeing a reliable and efficient supply,optimising the electrical load, via a sophisticated control panel which allows it to adapt to the electrical supply needs.

With our standout soundproof enclosure design,the noise level of the residential genset can reach 59dBa at 7 meters,it is quiet,comfortable to your life and ensure your power on anytime.


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Standard Specifications:

※ Water cooled, Diesel engine 
※ Radiator with mechanical fan 
※ MCB/MCCB Safety protection function
※ Automatic Control panel with AMF fucntion 
※ Automatic transfer switch(ATS)
※ 8-hour operation integrated fuel tank
※ 1*16A single phase;1*32A three phase sockets 
※ Maintenance free battery including rack/cables
※ Residential exhaust silencer and steel bellows  
※ Static battery charger 
※ 68dBA noise level at 7M;76dBA noise level at 1M
※ Generators Sets’ voltage and frequency regulation comply with ISO 8528-5 
※ 59dBa super silent design is optional






























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